My video interviews with Kevin Hartz of Eventbrite and other distinguished innovators

In the beginning of my career as a journalist in print media, I had the opportunity of interviewing big Brazilian names. But it was between 2009 and 2014 that I had the most exciting business adventure I could dream of. Not only did I get to interview some of the most innovative entrepreneurs and investors of the world, I also got to manage a media and events company that, with some lessons learned from these guys, took me to very privileged backstage conversations and collaborating with amazing companies in different countries.

The website where I used to publish such interviews still exists on but we sold and exited the operation in 2015. Only some pieces of content are in English but you can activate your browser translation to understand what´s written there.

Without further do, here is a recollection of some conversations that I managed to capture on video. Some videos were not planned but, as a startup blogger, I knew better to at least save for personal reference even when the audio is not well captured.

Below are some of my favorite video interviews with people at Eventbrite, Alibaba, Zendesk, Spotify, Rovio, BuzzFeed, Stanford University, GoPro, Evernote, Prezi, Kaltura, UP Global. Notice: some of these people might have different titles or jobs now and the news shared are not news anymore.

Kevin Hartz, Eventbrite

Alex Tsai, Alibaba

JD Peterson, Zendesk

Gary Liu, Spotify

Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio (Angry Birds)

Scott Lamb, BuzzFeed

Mike Lyons, Stanford University

Nick Woodman, GoPro

Phil Libin, Evernote

Peter Arvai, Prezi

Shay David, Kaltura

Dave Parker, UP Global